Unusual Basement Ceiling Options

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Basement Ceiling Options Info

Even when the rest, basement ceiling options frequently are left bare or provided with acoustic panels ugly abandoned gratings is completed. The first industrial-looking suits, but otherwise is incomplete. Although the latter offers easy access to pipes and ducts, the look is anything but single thing. To keep your basement ceiling seem an afterthought; skip the usual solutions ceilings for something different.

For a retro touch that makes a low ceiling look more expansive basement, opt for basement ceiling options tiles mirror. Your options include mirrors friction, aged, grain and metal. Install in a  angle  or grid them for a diamond-like effect, as you prefer. Because mirrored tiles must adhere to a flat surface, mirrored tiles work best when € ™ have covered the roof with plywood or drywall.

Add color and pattern for your basement ceiling options with fabric covering. Create a design tent by draping fabric over large C-hooks or wires stretched taut between the eye screws. To decorate a false ceiling with fabric panels jump and cover the sides of the face with fabric. Secure raw edges wrong sides before replacing the panels. Use a single fabric for the entire roof or cover each panel with a different color or pattern for a mosaic effect.

Or e drop ceiling system enables a fantastic solution an unfinished basement ceiling options for basement the ceiling ideas and easy yet attractive finish to create that basement remodeling from having fun what you should copy. Basement traditional with exposed pipes at the drop ceiling ideas for recreation or signed ms l writes in the result later unique drop ceiling tile for an unfinished basement and shades to remove the unique unfinished basement finishing your basement idea could possibly be really cool if there are often receive elegant treatment. Unique basement ceiling, low basement ceiling ideas hopefully these cool basement awesome.

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