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Arco Floor Lamp Design

Arco floor lamp design shaped arch inspired by Achilles Castiglione. Structure and chrome square tube with marble base in black or white color, measures 24x18x55 cms. Chrome Screen 32 cms in diameter. Arco floor lamp is one of most popular lamps standing history. Achilles Castiglione, inspired by street lamps Italy, designed this modern classic in 1962 combining advantages of floor lamps and suspension. Thus, this elegant piece offers a direct lighting and its structure allows easily shifted since it is not built into ceiling. Its functionality and style make this lamp a unique piece that will transform your interior thoroughly.

Maximum distance that can reach horizontal is two meters and height; bulb may be suspended two feet above ground. During these years have gone different versions of Arco floor lamp model, but like all icons of original design is unique and matchless. Original lamp has a price of around € 1,500-2,000, but imitations are available for 200 €. You know that it serves the hole? Because it serves to introduce a stick so you can move between two people from one place to another easily and simply, too much weight is 65 Kg!

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