Style Of Wall Candle Sconces

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Decoration Wall Candle Sconces

A wall candle sconces light fixture is a great way to brighten your room effectively, is to light when you’re working or to enliven the atmosphere. The connection is made ​​with basic wiring techniques and you can do it yourself in a weekend if you follow some simple rules and techniques. Disconnect the power of the circuit in which you plan to work. Paste a note to box switches to warn others to be let off. Connect the wiring to the light fixture wall. Use wire nuts at each connection, twisting white and black wires together.

Pass the wiring to the wall candle sconces switch. For new construction, the cable passes along wall studs, securing with cable clamps. Connect the other end of this cable to your wall switch. Connect the black wire to the terminal screw adjustable wall switch; do not connect the white wires for the moment.

Wall candle sconces switch connected to the main power supply. Connect the black cable from the mains to the terminal screw adjustable wall power switch, and connect the white wire to white wire coming from the light fixture with a nut. Reactivates the power supply and test the circuit.

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