Replacing The Vanity Lighting Fixtures

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Awasome Vanity Lighting Fixtures

Vanity lighting fixtures – over sinks in the bathroom. They provide light as we look in the mirror to put on makeup or combing. ┬áTurn off the power to the bathroom in the fuse box and check to make sure the power is really off by moving the switch on the light in the bathroom and off. Place a working light in the bathroom and turn to give a little light. You need to connect the light in different socket with an extension cord.

Remove the bulbs and front wall plate with the screwdriver. Remove the mounting plate from the wall with the screwdriver too. Identify electrical connections. Black or red is the hot wire, white is neutral and copper or green is the ground wire of vanity lighting fixtures.

Mount the new vanity lighting fixtures on the wall above the exit hole with electric screwdrivers. Twist the wires with the corresponding colors together. You will need to strip the wire back to the bare wire to twist together. Remember to turn red or black to red or black, white to white and green to green or copper or copper. Put wire caps on the ends of the premiums and tuck wires in the hole in the wall. Screw the front vanity plate on the wall and place light bulbs in the light of vanity.

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