Replacing The Light Fixture Covers

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Light Fixture Covers Decorative

Ceiling light fixture covers come in a wide variety of designs and finishes, but despite their differences, they all bind to the installation of backlight through some type of fastener, generally the screws. If you have a screw less light, then the light cover either snaps or threads in the lamp. Replace your ceiling light fixture covers whenever damaged or simply to update the decor lighting. Turn the power switch to the off position in the fuse box of the house.

Stick a note paper on the fuse box so people know who is performing electrical maintenance. Set up a ladder in the form of A below the lamp to light up. Locate and remove fasteners. Some covers have a nut that has to be removed in fitting threaded bolt protruding through the center of the light cover.

Take the deck of your store or home improvement local home lighting and display an employee. Ask if they have the same or similar to the cover you have. If you do not want the same deck, ask them to point to decks cannot look the same, but attach the same way it does. Install the new light fixture covers in the reverse order that he be removed.

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