Luxury Entryway Light Fixture

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Best Entryway Light Fixture

The entryway light fixture is a striking and welcome luxury home. The high ceilings create a challenge when deciding on lighting for the space. Vaulted ceilings give a bright and airy space with large open windows, but the lighting is an important element during the hours of the night.

Entryway light fixture Layered

With the large amount of vertical space in a vaulted ceiling, the entry should have a selection of light to chase away the dark corners. Lighting is a layered approach that allows the homeowner to include different types of accessories at the entrance to accommodate all situations. The layered approach includes lighting on top of the roof to prevent shadows overhead, leave the lights or pendants to wear a light layer directly on the gateway and sconces to decorate on the ground floor.

Entryway light fixture Spider

Pendants and chandeliers bring light down from the high ceilings to a useful level. A vaulted ceiling in a large gateway can accommodate an elaborate chandelier that can serve as focal point for the room. When the spider is the only light in the doorway, an interesting pattern of shadows over the high ceilings also created.

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