Light Fixture Parts Of The Lampshade

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Converting Light Ffixture Parts

The parts of a light fixture parts of a lampshade including a spider, an adapter and a harp and auction. These parts work together to set the screen at the basis of the lamp. The outside of a lampshade can be fabric, glass, metal or paper. The screens sit on a base of a lamp or chandelier, diffusing the light emitted from the bulb.

If a lampshade is made of cloth or paper, the light fixture parts is held in place by a metal frame. Screens glass or metal do not need this support.

The spider is attached to the inside of the lampshade top edge and is connected to the lamp base, either with a harp and shot a clip that slides directly on the bulb, or an adapter, which is screwed in the thread of the lamp socket.

A spider attachment requires the use of a harp, a light fixture parts of U-shaped metal with a screw top. This screw enables the harp to slide through the opening in the spider and a top is screwed on top, securing the screen in place. Screens and lamp bases must have the same type of adapters to function properly together.

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