LED Battery Operated Lights

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Blue Led Battery Operated Lights

Light emitting diodes (LEDs) lights are low voltage and long life that can easily be loaded with a battery. This is a sure way to power LEDs because the battery is low voltage instrument. When connecting LEDs to a battery, ensure that the combined voltage of the LEDs is not overcome by the battery voltage, or blow the –LED Battery Operated Lights

Check the voltage LED battery operated lights of the LED. LEDs are connected in parallel, so you only need to read the label to determine the voltage needed to power the battery. Be sure to use a battery having the same or similar voltage to the LEDs.

Removing a quarter inch plastic that covers the ends of the two wires of the LEDs, using wire strippers. If you need to wire the LED lights and battery, cut a strip 18 AWG dual core with a knife. Remove approximately 2 inches plastic outer wire ends, using wire strippers and then take one quarter inch plastic of the two internal lines at both LED battery operated lights ends.

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