Innovative Wireless Under Cabinet Lighting

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2017 Wireless Under Cabinet Lighting

Innovative wireless under cabinet lighting can control basic functions of the lighting system using a mobile device; the system is based on the ZigBee Light Link. ZigBee enables luminaries with system LIGHTIFY pro to communicate directly with special switches and wireless sensors. Connection with mobile devices is via a special gateway that turns WLAN signals ZigBee signals. Light fly can then be used in virtually any IT networks. In addition to increased user comfort, the wireless system light fly offers other important benefits. No bus service is needed, the installation costs are reduced and it is possible to order hard-to-reach areas without complex wiring.

Users can decide for themselves: the lighting control is done either via a mobile device, via the App LIGHTIFY Pro, or using a standard switch. Wireless under cabinet lighting switch is specifically designed for the system LIGHTIFY Pro. Modern, mobile, or familiar and simple: thanks to wireless technology, you save time and money thanks to the two control method.

The range LIGHTIFY Pro consists of luminaries, control units, sensors and a switch. The network can be extended to a maximum of 100 lighting fixtures and control components. wireless under cabinet lighting now offers already six luminaries feature LIGHTIFY Pro integrated for applications in offices and public

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