How To Identify Antique Brass Chandelier

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Antique Brass Chandelier Image

Antique brass chandelier back to the 18th century, when was poured into a mold in the form of elaborate chandeliers and ornate bronze chandeliers. Parts of an ancient bronze chandelier include pan wax, nozzle, washer, capital, shoulder, trunk, spine, knops, well and base.

Instructions to identify antique brass chandelier: check the old brass chandelier to see if it has a rod with sewing. Looking at the middle part of the candle holder, which is part of the shank to a line which runs from top to bottom. Look at the finish. Turn the head brass chandelier down and see if there is a down side well-finished, somewhat similar to finish throughout the chandelier. Old chandeliers have a golden yellow color.

Examine closely with a magnifying glass to metal discoloration on the bottom. Feel the background to check for roughness. Look at the form of base, to see if it round. The bases in the form of order on chandelier are often an indicator that they are antiques. This is because the bottom base was handmade, and for all this elegance, the base had to be arched.

Examine the chandelier for push-up rods or side ejector. Look at the rounded corners in antique brass chandelier for smoothness.

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