How To Hang Porch Light Fixtures

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Iron Porch Light Fixtures

Porch light fixtures – does more than provide a lighted path to your front door. Also he talks about his preferences decoration. There are many different options available decor porch design lighting. When considering the installation of light, consider the scale and proportion of light, in addition to the decor. Once you’ve made the decision on the design style, you can then concentrate on moderately easy task to install the lamp. Turn on the existing light fixture.Proceed the electrical fuse box and turn off the switch that feeds the lamp. Check the installation of light to ensure that the light has gone.

Remove the existing porch light fixtures on the wall and use an electric tester to verify that electricity is no longer active. Disconnect the wiring of the old apparatus of power line. Install the new device to the power line. Connect the white wire from the lamp to the white wire from the power line, using a wire nut, and likewise connect the black cable to the black lamp cable power line.

Connect the copper ground wire to wire grounding copper power line and connect the grounding screw in the porch light fixtures. Mount the lamp to the porch wall using the screws included with the lamp. Install a new bulb in the lamp. Turn on the switch that feeds the lamp. Check the light is working.

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