How To Drop Ceiling Lighting

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Decorative Drop Ceiling Lighting Image

The bathroom needs a general light, as close to natural as well as focal or spot drop ceiling lighting for areas such as the sink. The drop ceiling lighting in the bathroom, the nature of the stay, implies certain requirements as to consider the degree of protection to water and moisture (IP) lights or choose a technology that supports rapid start and continued off and on.

The drop ceiling lighting that we place at 60 cm around the bath or shower must have at least IP44 protection index higher.  The basin area requires a uniform drop ceiling lighting that does not create shadows or glare.  Both LED and halogen will provide instant start. The LEDs are noted for their low power consumption and because they support very well the continuous switching on and off. Halogen transformer gives you a good perception of colors.

Choose cool white light as close to natural, so that colors skin and makeup are not altered. In this area illumination 200 lux (lumens per square meter) is recommended. Roof. Fail to place recessed drop ceiling lighting (spotlights or down lights, ceiling or series of lights that you provide a smooth general light. For general light baths 100 lux (lumens per square meter) is recommended.

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