Flush Mount Lighting Fixtures

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Ceiling Flush Mount Lighting Fixtures

In the 50’s and 60’s we all lived with ordinary flush mount lighting fixtures a single bulb and a rather ugly glass cover. Add to that a dimmer at the switch and you’ve got all you need to create the room of your dreams.

Ceilings appear higher with flush mount fixtures. And in a contemporary home flush mount lighting fixtures streamline the look. If ceilings are low they give the impression of more headroom and shed enough light to make the room much more comfortable in the evening. The beauty of these fixtures adds a beat of style, marching across the ceiling.

Trending in Madison, Wisconsin is a technique connecting your interior rooms to the garden rooms outside the windows, and flush mount lighting fixtures is key.  Blurring the lines of indoor and outdoor living helps we navigate long, dark winters with dramatic outdoor landscape lighting on snow-covered branches. And in summer that same lighting draws visitors to the front door, while making our living spaces feel bigger. To do this, combine exterior lighting in the garden and use flush mount or semi-flush mount fixtures on dimmers to light the room. They tuck up and away, close to the ceiling, so they never block the view. Done right, it creates a seamless indoor-outdoor living space.

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