Fixtureshace Kitchen Fluorescent

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Fixtureshace Kitchen Fluorescent Sweet


light over 70 years which were first used what is called fluorescent tubes, they provided a very strong light and had the great advantage that the power consumption was much lower compared to the rest of the time lamps –Fixtureshace Kitchen Fluorescent.


Until fixturesHace kitchen fluorescent the 90 inclusive has been the ultimate form of lighting in commercial buildings, offices offices, warehouses, even in private homes, but not all were advantages as fluorescent tubes also have some drawbacks as scattered light ( You can not stare), polluting components, long time on, a short shelf lifeĀ  If we add to this 2014 prices more than reasonable and LED tubes, we discovered that most users already fluorescent changed its installation or LED tubes .


After replacing conventional fluorescent tubes led savings get d electricity fixturesHace kitchen fluorescen tconsumption close to 30%, a useful life about 6 times as LED tubes are around 50,000 hours of service life, reduced maintenance thanks to the great LIFE, instant speed on, the savings primers and reactors for its operation, since in LED tubes are not necessary and no environmental pollutants are the main advantages of LED tubes.

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