Effortless Installing Ceiling Mount Speakers

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Best Ceiling Mount Speakers

While many people like idea of ceiling mount speakers for sound different rooms of a house or office, often have no idea how to connect speakers to amplifier. Do after fact is more complicated, but still can be done, especially if there is a crawl space for your roof.

  • Plan location of your amp in room and note where they are ceiling mount speakers. Measure how far this is and calculate amount of cable you will need to put on wall.
  • Run cable UL2 where you plan to have amplifier to speaker placement. For new construction, this is relatively simple; if not a new building, you may have to drill through support beams for wire wherever you go. Leave extra wire coil behind where speakers are.
  • Cut drywall behind where you want amplifier to go. Install terminal support speaker wall, fix speaker cable to terminals UL2 with color codes corresponding inside wall mount terminals before seal in place.
  • Pull speakers in ceiling of their supports and connect red and black wire to terminals with color coding ceiling speaker cable.
  • Run regular speaker cable from speaker terminals for ceiling mount speakers terminals on amplifier, matching color of cable to color of terminals at each end.
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