Craft To Do Faux Tin Ceiling Tiles

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Faux Tin Ceiling Tiles In Boc Raton Florida

To add to your decor, create a variety of craft projects with use of tin ceiling tiles. Both ceiling tiles faux tin ceiling tiles and recycled tin can become functional and decorative pieces. Use of tin ceiling tiles to create tables, the accent wall art exhibitions or shelves to create a decorative touch to your home.

Light a common table with wooden picture frames in a work of art with the addition of faux tin ceiling tiles made of tin as a table. Use a ceiling panel of recycled tin or tin false ceiling panel bought in her local home improvement store for this art project. Measure the size of the tile tin ceiling and build table using scrap wood. Consider the use of cast recycled wood for table legs for more rustic appeal.

Use thin strips of wood to create guide around the top of the table and place the sheet metal roof panel framed in the opening in the top of the table. Tables can be created in a variety of sizes to suit your decor. Consider creating coordinating pieces like tables, sofas and tables using more faux tin ceiling tiles can to create your design, wood stain or paint to complete the look of your craft project.

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