Cheap Metal Ceiling Tiles

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Cheap Metal Ceiling Tiles Ideas

Corrugated metal ceiling tiles is an inexpensive way to add visual interest to roof of his house option. While it may not work for every space, a roof of corrugated metal schemes improves eclectic, rustic and modern design. Once in place, adding metallic accents throughout room to tie your theme together. Introduce elements of soft texture to balance rigid lines of metal for a visually attractive design. Complete panels

Create entire corrugated metal ceiling tiles to dress a space otherwise drab. Hang a chandelier decorated or series of pendant lights add sparkle to ceiling. Repeat metal ornament elsewhere using galvanized metal pots and other accessories. Choose a bright color for walls, like cherry, lime and select textiles with graphic prints and patterns.

Single sheets of corrugated metal ceiling tiles mosaics to create a pattern on ceiling. One idea is to cut square tiles and switch way they face during installation. resulting pattern is a subtle checkerboard pattern. Or cut rectangular tile and install Metro style – tile. Pattern can work vertically or horizontally, depending on look you want to achieve. Hang soft white curtains to balance metal and add wool throws furniture. Layers of different textures keep room light and fresh. You can also use checkerboard pattern in room elsewhere.

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