Ceiling Fan Chandelier Ideas

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Ceiling Fan Chandelier Design Wood

When you need to install a ceiling fan chandelier in a room, often necessary to have a light, the mouth where it will install is the only one in the room is the one with the light that shines. Many times when trying to install a lamp holder makes oneself is easy, because they are only two wires connected to it, but what happens when you are in the ceiling fan chandelier to be installed four cables?

Each cable brings the ceiling fan chandelier is used with a different role, one wire will be the protection that sends the leakage currents to earth and usually their colors are yellow and green, another cable feed the lamp or lamps fan which will be connected to the cable of the return of the switch, the third wire feed motor ceiling fan, and come connected from the control box fan, finally the fourth wire is common to the lamp and the fan motor, in many cases it is neutral, it is advisable to use the return phase.

In the market there are many ceiling fan chandelier that take more than a luminance, to function all, they must be connected in parallel. But this usually comes from the factory already.

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