Advantages Of Flourescent Light Fixtures

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Changing traditional lamps (incandescent) to flourescent light fixtures is an effective and simple change that anyone could do. This change reduces the cost of electricity in homes and the emission of greenhouse gases. Lighting accounts for 20% of average energy costs of households. It is estimated that the cost of energy for household lighting is reduced by up to 75% power when traditional lamps (incandescent) are changed, they are more expensive but they last about 10 times what is cost effective, and provide rapid return on investment.

If every home replaced just one traditional bulb with a flourescent light fixtures, in one year enough to light 3 million homes energy would be saved. This could prevent the emission of greenhouse gases by an amount equivalent to that produced by the use of 800,000 cars.

Another advantage of flourescent light fixtures is containing a small amount of mercury sealed in the glass tube, close to 5 milligrams of mercury lamps and from 5 to 10 milligrams tubes.

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