The guys over at Sovereign Beck just expanded their line of exquisitely made ties with their Resort Collection. This new collection is intended to fill out your vacation wardrobe, classing up what might be a strict swim trunks only getaway. Personally I’m really into the Sunset Plaid Flannel Tie (which is the bright ass one on the far right) which I think would be great with a crisp white button down. There’s also the Driftwood Plaid version which is which is a much more subtle version in case you don’t want to be quite so bold. All ties are 3″ wide (a perfect size) are limited to 20 each and are handmade in New York.

Ties are like King Cobra 40's - you can never have too many. That malt liquor sentiment may be a tad debatable, but we can all agree on ties, right? Good. Sovereign Beck is a New York based tie brand cutting and stitching all their ties in the city that never sleeps. Their S/S 2010 collection is just what all us style nerds lust after - limited runs, classic aesthetics and fair prices. Each 3" width cotton tie (casts a wide net in this neck of the woods) is produced in small batches of 50 each and comes in a wide range of patterns. For the workwear set they have chambray. For all you true preps (I just threw up in my mouth a little) they've got your plaids. And lets not forget the modest gents, not unlike myself, who will really enjoy the engineer stripe joint. Toss a couple of bow ties into the mix and you've got a stellar new brand who's doing the very best they can to help you dress like a goddamn grownup. video, episode 72

From kite-flying on a Brooklyn rooftop to frying an egg and playing electronic music, episode 72 spends some quality time with the duo called Sovereign Beck. Known for their gorgeously-designed line of silk ties, Ryan Sovereign and William Beck also show us the finery in their Spring '07 collection, explaining their influences and inspiration along the way.

"POP ROCKS. Man of style. Dad’s been riding the metro train since long before it was a trend. So he’ll appreciate . . . a Sovereign Beck tie."

"TIED UP, Brooklyn-based designers Ryan Sovereign and William Beck have realized that ties aren't just for working stiffs any more.. "While there are no longer as many situations that require formal dress," Sovereign says, "there is still great pleasure in dressing well and looking 'sharp.'" The duo began breathing life into bored-to-death necks last year with Sovereign Beck, their line of 100% silk ties that are more urban graphic than suburban plaid. Inspired by classic prints from designers such as Pierre Cardin, Emilio Pucci, Yves St. Laurent, Oleg Cassini, Andres Courreges, Heals, Marimekko, Tampella, and Mira X, Sovereign says, "We set out to create a line that would resonate as fun and unique twenty years from now as much as it would today." With a vibrant, contrasting palette, the ties have a mid-century modern design sensibility. Perspective has cascading, parallel stripes are meant to evoke the horizon, while Grids is computer geek-chic with sketchy lines and randomly placed squares. That in mind, Sovereign and Beck also draw upon nature--"while seemingly random, it has an inherent form and structure"--for designs like Flight, displaying birds in flight and Scatter, printed all-over with leaves. Your co-workers will be envious: In addition to being so cool, they're also hand-made in limited quantities."

"The creation of longtime collaborators Ryan Sovereign & William Beck, since 2005 this fledging Brooklyn-based creator of silk ties has injected some fashion and style in the oft-staid accessory that is the neck-tie. Graduates of RISD and Industrial Design & Sculpture, these two young designers have crafted a neck tie that the wearer feels like he's getting away with something when he dons. Two parts style, one part rebellion, one part fashion - what's that add up to? Ah, who's counting...You won't find 'em in stores, although they do show up at Pool Trade Shows from time to time. (The next one's in Vegas). So unless you're planning on eloping soon, best check 'em out online."

"What better way to give voice to your inner graffiti writer in a semi-formal setting than with a tie that looks like it’s been sprayed on. This Sovereign Beck Spray Silk Tie smoothly pulls off a design that could easily look like a mess. The dots are oversized and spare enough to make clear that they were artistically rendered, while still managing to evoke the look of spray paint. - Neckties that tread dangerously close to breaking too many rules at once."

"You dig through racks of vintage ties in hopes of finding something unique, but rarely find specimens that aren’t stained beyond repair. Sovereign Beck makes handmade, silk ties with an understated cool that sets them apart. Ditch your Banana Republic clone tie, and go for an upgrade."

"Sovereign Beck makes punky, unique ties that can take your work look up a notch ($90-$120). Made of 100% silk, styles include specks of gray on solids, a flock of birds, bold blocks of color pairings, as well as a skull and cross bones pattern. The latter may be too over the top for some, but those fashion forward guys should stop in a for a peak at their online shop."

"Ryan Sovereign and William Beck, both graduates of The Rhode Island School of Design in Industrial Design and Sculpture, respectively, are fashioning a line of street-smart silk ties. Drawing upon the traditional and classic ideals of tie design (they maintain the standard size, shape, and material), the Sovereign Beck collection of neckwear is turning heads in their bohemian neighborhood of Williamsburg, Brooklyn, where ties are not the norm. “Flight,” a silhouette of flocking birds against a pattern of green stripes is a favorite."

"For a gift, an ordinary tie won't do, and Sovereign Beck's ties steadfastly refuse to be ordinary. They walk the fine line between abstract and traditional, producing a result that would blend into the most corporate of environments, but still stand head and shoulders above the rest in terms of style. Whether he's a "has to" or a "wants to" this is a tie he can really get behind, err, under... or, inside... you get the idea."

"This Grids silk tie by Sovereign Beck has an appealing hipster computer geek vibe that takes you back to the days of Commodore 64s and Tron before transporting you back to the present with its undeniably modern, minimalist design. Though Ryan Sovereign and William Beck, the Brooklyn-based duo behind the line, are clearly serious about design, they don't seem to take the concept of the tie too seriously, so wearers feel less like lawyers or bankers, even if they are. $90"

"This vintage-inspired silk neckwear collection includes funky motifs in bold colors and patterns—making it fun, exciting and hip for men to dress up again."

"Sovereign Beck makes some really amazing ties. You won’t find them in stores, only online or in Vegas at some shows. But online is great for ties. The designers, Ryan Sovereign & William Beck, make silk ties to be stylish and modern - not boring and old fashioned. Here are some great examples: Fizz (Cherry is the hottest!)

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"Hipster boys, now casually elegant, are sporting ties from Sovereign Beck."

"Hot ties for hip guys."

"These ties boldly go where no tie has gone before."

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